Tungsten Wolfram

Using concepts to construct a robust brand

Tungsten of Wolfram is a chemical element with the symbol W and atomic number 74. The brand wanted to know how to create a new identity, brand guidelines, and proposition that separate it from other accounting firms. Tungsten is a rare metal, found naturally on Earth and typically combined with other elements to form compounds. It is robust and has the highest melting point of any discovered element. The firm wants to epitomise the characteristics of the element, through their diligence, ability to work with clients (like a compound), resilience and efficiency.

I took the attributes of the chemical compound to create a positive brand message. Working with the brand, the creative team articulated a new vision, mission, and set of company values that succinctly capture the core values. Those values were applied consistently across all the business assets, including website, social networks, and stationery, to help build brand authority. The final result reflects the robust nature of Tungsten Wolfram.