Finance & Currency Branding

Finance & Currency is a relatively new international money transfer and currency exchange company. Trading almost every global currency and offering various international payment options, Finance & Currency offers a friendly, professional alternative to the banks.

Our Brief:
Finance & Currency requires a strong online presence, as that is their main point of contact with new and existing customers. As such we were asked to create a website that not only functioned in the way the company needed, but also served to establish a strong brand.

SMP: Money makes the world go round. Finance & Currency helps you exchange it at the best rate.

We created a stunning, fresh and compelling brand for Finance & Currency; the website communicates transparency, approachability and friendliness. It was crucial that the site contained engaging copy, with an insightful and professional tone of voice. Ultimately, the objective was to encourage long-term relationships and repeat business, and, in Finance & Currency case, the best way to do this was to establish exactly the sort of brand that we did.