Optimum Balance

Your life, your health, your choice

Homeopathy has been practised globally for over 200 years. The remedies are minute amounts of substances that derive from plants, animals, and minerals that stimulate the ability of the body to resolve injury and illness. Acute Homeopathic Prescribing is the treatment of conditions that are acute or abrupt in nature, requiring attention relatively quickly. It covers a wide range of injury and illness such as assistance with healing a sprain, strain, fracture, acute grief, reducing fear or anxiety, sore throats, coughs, and colds. There is a vast range of treatable conditions, and the brand image needs to reflect its versatility and impact.

A clear, direct and no-nonsense tone of voice helped communicate the “So Simple…” proposition and benefits with clarity and cut-through the USP of your life, your health your choice. Taking the hands in the design and natural remedies, Optimum Balance was designed to create a ‘refreshingly simple’ brand.

The logo portrays a flexible design to show that the brand is simple but can be impactful across all creative deliverables for acute homeopathic prescribing and physiotherapy in Bainesse, UAE. The symmetry of design represents the “optimum balance” that the brands stand to promote healthy life choices. In addition, the logo supports the brand tone of protection and care to maintain content consistency.

Included: brand essence, website, social