‘The Bachelor’ in Saint Lucia. Have a date in Saint Lucia!

Saint Lucia needed to leverage its reputation as one of the most romantic places on Earth with an social and advertising campaign – “Made for Romance.” The 10-week long series of The Bachelor gave the perfect setting for the campaign for an active and engaged audience. The challenge was how to get the brand vision across to the consumer.

The social “Have a day in Saint Lucia!” campaign ties in with The Batchelor, when rugby player Gavin Henson went on dates with the finalists in the country during the final two episodes. The key to the advertising was that it highlights everything to do in the country, promoting the romance, uniqueness, and intrigue Saint Lucia is all about. The campaign remains on-brand as well as being on-trend and topical.

Utilising the latest targeting capabilities across platforms, we also expanded the campaigns to reach a wider audience and to showcase the brand and its offering more effectively. We used brand advertising and hotel offer-driven press advertising to get people to the destination.
Online, the campaign was split into highly targeted and relevant groups reaching users based on specific demographics. This ensured we were reaching the right audience whilst keeping the average cost per click to a minimum. In addition, the social campaign aligned with the core objectives and integrated Saint Lucia with the broader digital strategy, meeting the commercial objectives. The campaign results far surpassed the clients’ targets.