Making light-hearted gestures on valentine’s day
Banking and customer experience have not traditionally gone hand-in-hand. Interactions with your bank are typically long and laborious, leaving you to navigate complicated processes without support. In the 21st century, the rise of FinTechs and the exponential growth of the digital ecosystem has caused banks to forget about the personal touch.

TransferGo sets itself apart from the competition by putting the customer experience as the priority. They speak the customer’s language and want to capture their unique personality using a creative, clear, and concise design.

Creating a social campaign for TransferGo without the typical fluff and jargon prevalent in the industry. The first concept used brand colours in Valentine’s Day style to show that while TransferGo is honest and personal, they know how to speak to customers with some quirky and playful features. The solution ensures TransferGo can engage with its target audience to optimise conversion on products, such as the Valentine’s Day free transfer offer.