Tobago Rutland Birdfair- Showcasing a multi-dimensional brand

Tobago is more than a destination for sandy beaches and diving enthusiasts. The Rutland Bird fare showcases what Tobago has on offer as a world leading in birdwatching destinations. In the Western Hemisphere, the protected rainforest has over 230 species of bird, including six types of hummingbird, enough to attract even the more discerning of enthusiast. See the Creative was asked to showcase the island for bird enthusiasts as the first destination of choice.

The stand features the greenery of the island to highlight its beauty and indigenous bird population. The graphics show the rainforest and the places where you can spot one of the vast bird species. Lightboxes and iPads were on site to demonstrate all species and places to book. The design hits the mark in letting audiences know that there is more to Tobago than meets the eye. The design won runner up on best design at The Bird Show.

Diving into what Tobago has to offer

The NEC Dive Show showcases what Tobago offers as one of the leading diving destinations in the world. With rich, vibrant corals and a vast diversity in marine life, Tobago wants to attract well-travelled dive enthusiasts to explore the country.

The design aims to capture the niche target audience. Bubbles at the top of the stand show you entering the water when diving in a more immersive experience. As the graphics move down you become immersed underwater and the colours deepen as if you are diving down to the bottom of the ocean. The emotive video content transports customer through images of clear waters and a variety of marine life, including fish, coral and nesting turtles. The lightbox to the right of the stand shows Tobago’s largest recorded brain coral. Overall, the stand is immersive and engaging to help the target audience understand why Tobago is a leading diving destination.

Helping the target audience understand the brand

Tobago wanted to showcase four pillars that explain to target audiences what it has to offer. The four pillars are:
• Local culture, people and heritage
• Eco Adventure & Nature
• Sea and beaches
• Romance & wedding
The challenge was finding a way to portray what Tobago has on offer across each of the pillars.

Customers were engaged through an immersive experience as they walk through the four pillars of Tobago.
The Eco Adventure & Nature had a lush forest wrapped around the stand from floor to ceiling, representing the wild unspoilt, and less developed side of Tobago. A recording of the forest echoed out at set times to create a feeling like you are in Tobago. The seas and beaches are portrayed on the floor and include all 42 different types of sand on Tobago. Scenes of clear waters and the rich, diverse marine life are shown on the screen. The romance and wedding pillar pitches the perfect backdrop for a romantic Tobago wedding. The island is made for two with a couple sitting at the back for extra coupled meetings as a relaxing space with comfortable chairs. The local culture, people and heritage pillar represents a vibrant atmosphere and relaxed bar spaces to show the true flavour of the destination. The genuine hospitality is there for everyone to see first-hand.